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Joe Rogan House: Inside the $14,400,000 Million Mansion of the UFC Commentator
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The UFC commentator Joe Rogan has been one of the biggest propagators of MMA. Over the years, the 56-year-old has developed a cult-like following due to his podcast, the Joe Rogan Podcast. Despite his frequent appearances on the podcast and UFC, much remains unknown about his personal life. In 2020, Joe Rogan relocated from his $3.4 million Las Vegas house to a $14.4 million residence in Austin, Texas. Let’s take a deeper dive into the luxurious mansion of Rogan.

Joe Rogan moved to California in the late 90s to break through in Hollywood and embark on his stand-up comedian journey. After achieving his goals, he became skeptical about living in California. Thus, he decided to move to Texas in a multi-million mansion.

The $14.4 million house of Joe Rogan

The eight-bedroom mansion of Rogan spans a staggering 10,980 square feet. Moreover, his new household is an astounding 4 times more expensive than his previous one. However, due to his $200 million deal with Spotify, it wouldn’t be quite difficult for him to afford it.

Back in 2006, the house was built in a Tuscan style. However, according to a report from Variety, the architectural design had been transformed into an Asian-inspired modern aesthetic.

Apart from the eight bedrooms, the 56-year-old has a wooden bar installed on the floor on an elevated platform. Moreover, the kitchen consists of two islands and pull-up seats, with the two islands mirroring each other exactly.

Additionally, the back of the home has been remodeled with floor-to-ceiling walls of glass in a mid-century modern style. With the new glassy renovations, the entire living room area in the rear of the house doubles as a sunroom.

Despite the enormous price tag of Rogan’s mansion, the neighborhood has a median listing price of around $1.2 million. On top of all the mentioned areas, Rogan’s mansion also consists of a gym, a podcast room, an outdoor dining area, a party deck, and a pool. Thus, overall making it a perfect fit for the leader of the podcasting industry.

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