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How Many Sports Has Brock Lesnar Ventured Into: WWE, UFC, and More
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Brock Lesnar is one of the biggest powerhouses in the history of any sport. His massive breathing tank persona makes him the most frightening athlete in the world. Thanks to that, wherever he stepped into, he was at the top and made his presence felt. He actually lives by his iconic catchphrase ‘Eat, Sleep, Conquer, Repeat.’ While he is known for his WWE career, he has ventured into numerous other things from UFC to more. So let’s check out the details.

Different Career of Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar, a farm boy, started wrestling early. He became the 2000 NCAA Heavyweight Champion and had a great college career with the Minnesota Golden Gophers, boasting a record of 106-5. In high school, he was undefeated with a 33-0-0 record in his senior year. And the transition to WWE. 


“The Beast Incarnate” entered the WWE universe and swiftly ascended to the top, becoming the second-youngest WWE champion at just 25 years old. Aside from some years of absence, he has achieved numerous outstanding feats. Not only did he become the champion, but he also defeated The Undertaker, breaking his legendary WrestleMania streak. 

Additionally, he is remembered for his dominant performance against John Cena at SummerSlam and the most heated feud with Roman Reigns. Meanwhile, he remains one of the highest-earning superstars.


Apart from WWE, Lesnar is widely recognized for his successful UFC career. In 2008, he transitioned from pro wrestling to the octagon, quickly becoming a major attraction in the sport. 

In just his fourth match, he claimed the championship by defeating Randy Couture, and he continued to secure victories against notable figures like Frank Mir. With a final record of 5-3-0, Lesnar’s last UFC fight was in 2016.


While Lesnar is celebrated for his success in UFC and WWE, one often overlooked aspect is his unsuccessful NFL career. In 2004, he departed WWE to try American football with the Minnesota Vikings as a defensive tackle. Unfortunately, a significant injury dashed his dreams, making it his favorite unfulfilled wish. So, in total he has been part of WWE, UFC, NFL and NCAA.

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