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After Graduation Dana White Gifts Sara Saffari Money Almost Equal to What New Fighters Receive
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When it comes to delivering the fights fans demand, Dana White is the person many look up to. He’s known for making matchups like Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather and others. His success has led to enormous wealth, putting him on the path to match Vince McMahon in terms of net worth. Not only is he amassing riches, but he’s also generous. Recently, fitness influencer Sara Safari disclosed that White gifted her $10,000 when she graduated, nearly matching the earnings of new UFC fighters.

Dana White Gifts Sara Safari Almost Equal to New Fighters

If you’re into fitness and consume fitness-related content, Sara Safari is a personality you must have come across. Known for her wit and funny videos, she has gathered over 2 million followers. Recently, she came in for the Powerslap event, the slap promotion where Dana White serves as the CEO.

Interestingly, at the event, she met several people, from Nina Marie to the UFC President himself. We also witnessed the hilarious video of Nina and Sara together at the Powerslap event in Las Vegas last week. While Sara was in Vegas, she did some gambling, and she shared her experience on her recent Mommy and Daddy podcast, during which she also revealed how she received $10,000 from White.

She stated, “Yeah, 10,000 dollars from Dana. He gave me 10,000 dollars for my graduation gift, for graduating with my Masters. That’s 10,000 dollars.” Sara shared that SteveWillDolt gave her $1,000, and on top of that, White also gifted her $10,000, from which she made money. Meanwhile, the co-host, Bradley Martyn, mentioned that since he hadn’t graduated, he didn’t receive any gift from the UFC President.

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Indeed, it’s a substantial gift, especially when you consider that new fighters typically receive just a $12,000 base salary, with additional earnings coming from incentives and other sources. White’s generosity in giving her $10,000 as a gift stands out.

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