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Australian Grand Prix: Mercedes’ ‘Fundamental Issues’ Get Exposed After Lewis Hamilton’s Exit and Tough Bahrain Start
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In Formula 1 Mercedes was a dominant team with record-breaking dominance for the past 7 years. However, the team had a major fall in the past 2 years with technical problems in the car’s performance and with the ongoing dominance of Red Bull. 

The recent struggles within the team to match the pace of their competitors and Lewis Hamilton’s announcement of signing with Ferrari at the beginning of the season have led to a difficult start in Bahrain for the team.

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Mercedes struggles with W15 car

The 2024 season started with high expectations for Mercedes to be one of the leading teams in Formula 1 but the team has failed to fulfill this with their technical difficulties since the beginning of this season.

Australian Grand Prix: Mercedes' 'fundamental issues' get exposed after Lewis Hamilton's exit and tough Bahrain Start
                                                                                     Credits: Mercedes AMG Petronas F1’s X (Twitter)

Mercedes’s performance in the past two races has left both drivers and fans disappointed as the team has failed to meet the expectations in the new season. The poor performance of the cars has led to a downfall in their race and the overall standings.

“One of the big issues we have is the lack of grip so that’s one of the things we’re working on hard this week because Melbourne has a similar nature of Corners like Jeddah so we’re doing a lot of work to try and understand why we do not seem to have the grip of some of our close competitors.” Andrew Shovln said.

“it’s telling you it’s not a small difference. It’s not a tiny bit of a camber or a spring bar here and. There it’s something more fundamental that we need to dig into and understand,” Shovlin added.

Hamilton and Russell, the Mercedes drivers, have both commented about the car’s jump on the quick Jeddah track. 

At the next race, the Australian Grand Prix, the track has a major straight circuit that creates fast turns in turns 9 and 10, increasing the Mercedes’s chances of finishing in the gravel. 

Mercedes is focused on solving the recent challenges and focusing on technical improvements. Mercedes is aiming to deliver a competitive race to come back stronger on the tracks and fulfill the expectations of both drivers and fans in the upcoming races. 

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