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Did Lewis Hamilton Back Mercedes to Become F1 Champions After Switching to Ferrari
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Lewis Hamilton has been the dominant driver in Formula 1 for a long time, winning championships and controlling the entire circuit. When the news broke that Hamilton would be leaving his long-time team Mercedes to join Ferrari, it came as a shock to Formula One fans. Hamilton had taken himself and his team to new heights that had never been seen before. However, despite his departure reports, there is news circulating that ‘Lulu’ is backing Mercedes to win another championship. Let’s dive in to know more about it.

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Mercedes team has the potential to win more F1 championships says Lewis Hamilton

In Formula One, Hamilton’s name represents success. He achieved an incredible record of victories while working for Mercedes, winning multiple world championships and earning his place in the records of motorsport history. 

Did Lewis Hamilton Back Mercedes to Become F1 Champions After Switching to Ferrari
                                                                                                 Credits: Lewis Hamilton’s X (Twitter)

But as word spread that Hamilton would be joining Ferrari, both fans and commentators wondered what it would mean for both teams. With Hamilton at the wheel, Mercedes had experienced success and is losing one of their best drivers. Despite this, Hamilton has openly supported the Mercedes team. 

“As I said, it’s all about a new chapter in my life, and I really feel like I’ve done everything I could possibly do with this team. I’m excited about this year, and I know this team is going to win another championship and I will be proud to know that I’ve been a part of it,” Hamilton says.

Hamilton acknowledges that their shared victories is largely due to their continuous commitment, new technologies, and cooperation. Expressing his excitement for Mercedes’s potential and pointed out his belief in Mercedes’ ability to maintain their dominance in F1. 

He adds that accepting a contract with Ferrari was a difficult choice for him to make, also that every driver grew up watching the history of Michael Schumacher in his prime and imagining what it would be like to be surrounded by red.

While Hamilton is set for a move to Ferrari, he is still showing support for the team that gave him everything, from fame to money. His support shows nothing but his loyalty to his team and show how emotionally connected he is with them.

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