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Did Max Verstappen Have His F1 2025 Teammate announced? 
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With Sergio Perez’s contract ending at the end of this season and his lack of announcement regarding a renewal, Red Bull is on the hunt for a teammate for Max Verstappen for the 2025 campaign. Is there anyone who is locked to replace Perez? Check out all the details about it.

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Who will team up with Verstappen for 2025?

Red Bull has been the subject of rumors involving every driver on the grid whose contract has not been extended for the upcoming season.

Did Max Verstappen Have His F1 2025 Teammate announced ?
Credits: ESPN f1’s X (Twitter)

At the end of the season, Perez’s contract with Red Bull ends, and there is a lot of speculation about his future. The Mexican performed well finishing second to Verstappen in the first two races of the season.

Carlos Sainz is the only person to have defeated Red Bull in a race since 2022. He has still not announced his seat for the upcoming season. Red Bull and Sainz already have a history together; Sainz raced through the junior categories with their support. But tensions increased as a result of the close relationship between Carlos and Max’s duo, who raced together at Toro Rosso in 2015.

Did Max Verstappen Have His F1 2025 Teammate announced?
Credits: Carlos Sainz’s Instagram

Sainz has now been called Red Bull’s “nemesis” jokingly, by Christian Horner. “Sometimes you’ve got to look outside the pool as well. You’ve had a very fast unemployed driver win today,” says Horner.

Did Max Verstappen Have His F1 2025 Teammate announced?
Credits: Fernando Alonso’s Instagram 

German media reports suggest that Christian Horner, the principal of the Red Bull team, has Alonso in the sights for 2025. Nothing is keeping Alonso from joining Red Bull as well since his contract with Aston Martin ends at the same time as Perez’s at Red Bull.

There is no official statement about the future teammate of Max Verstappen as of now. However, every driver at the top level will be on the lookout for a spot in the upcoming season.

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