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Australian Grand Prix: Why Did Red Bull Get Hit By Grid Penalty?
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The Red Bull driver Sergio Perez who finishes third in the Qualifying round for the Australian Grand Prix. Perez receives a three-place grid penalty for impeding Nico Hulkenberg during qualifying. Let’s dive and find out the reason behind it.

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Why did Perez receive a penalty?

The Haas driver, Nico Hulkenberg, was on his flying lap in Q1 while the Red Bull driver was on an out lap in Turn 13, which made Hulkenberg slow the car down since Perez was impeding him.

Australian Grand Prix: Why Did Red Bull Get Hit By Grid Penalty?
Credits: Sergio Perez’s X (Twitter)

After reviewing the team radio details, the stewards found that Perez did not receive information regarding the Haas driver until it was just a second away from the Red Bull driver, as he did not get enough time to avoid impeding Hulkenberg.

Hulkenberg qualifies for P16 for the Australian Grand Prix. While asked about the incident, the German driver commented saying: “That was the first run, so that was not the deciding lap, but still that wasn’t ideal of him,” he explained.

“But then my second run just wasn’t clean. The lap was looking promising up until Turn 9, or actually from exit of Turn 7, somehow the wind changed and I lost a bunch of lap time on that straight going down to Turn 9, just from a different wind direction. 

As a result, Perez dropped from third to sixth place in the Australian Grand Prix. Which promotes the other drivers to one spot above, Lando Norris will start third on the grid, Charles Leclerc will start fourth, and Oscar Piastri will start fifth.

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