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F1 Japan: Everything You Need To Know About Red Bull’s Upgrades
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Japanese Grand Prix came earlier this year on the 7th of April 2024. Following a disappointing race in Melbourne, Red Bull is making some significant changes before the race. Let’s look at the team’s changes in more detail.

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Will Red Bull get back on track after the changes?

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen experienced the most disappointing race at Melbourne, resulting in the break of their streak of wins. 

F1 Japan: Everything You Need To Know About Red Bull’s Upgrades
Credits: Red Bull Racing’s X (Twitter)

Red Bull is bringing their first upgrade of the 2024 season at the Suzuka Circuit. The most challenging track is very suitable for the team as they have won the last year’s race by seconds from Ferrari. With the track’s high-speed turns, these significant improvements will be an enormous benefit in this circuit. 

The rival team Ferrari is only going to have some minor changes to the car for the upcoming race at Suzuka and their major changes will only be happening in Imola. This gives Red Bull an h upper hand at the upcoming race.

These updates include a new floor, and it is rumored to make a significant upgrade package for the RB20 is introducing the zero side pods. Red Bull can have a big advantage in this upcoming race to make up for their lost points at Melbourne.

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