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F1: Whom did Toto Wolff Pick To Replace Lewis Hamilton In Mercedes?
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Mercedes has been in the limelight since the announcement of Lewis Hamilton’s transfer to Ferrari. The team principal of Mercedes, Toto Wolff, has not yet decided on who will take up the position, but there have been ongoing conversations about who the top drivers are. Let’s look at it.

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Is Toto Wolff signing Max Verstappen?

Mercedes has an open seat for a driver for the 2025 season as Lewis Hamilton departs from the team. Toto Wolff has repeatedly shared about his desire to sign the Red Bull driver Max Verstappen to the team.

F1: Whom did Toto Wolff Pick To Replace Lewis Hamilton In Mercedes?
Credits: Team Toto Wolff’s Instagram

Even though there has been a lot of friction between Christian Horner and Verstappen’s father. Verstappen remains publicly committed to Red Bull, despite the conflicts. The Dutchman has a contract with Red Bull for the year 2028.

In an interview with Fox Sports Australia about who will be Russell’s teammate or whether he had made a decision, Wolff answered, We have a slot free, the only one in the top teams, unless Max decides he goes, then the slot is not going to be free with us anymore. There are a few options that are really interesting for us, from the very young super-talent to some of the older ones who are very experienced.

He further added by saying, it’s not going to happen in the next few weeks or months or so; I want to continue to monitor the market. There are a few options that we could play with him. Obviously, there is Fernando [Alonso], who’s very exciting, Carlos [Sainz], very good, so there are a few ones.

Despite the speculation and remarks, the team has not released an official statement. The question of who will replace the seven-time world champion excites fans and the entire grid.

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