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Max Verstappen Next Race: When Is the F1 Chinese Grand Prix?
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The popular Chinese Grand Prix is returning to Formula 1 on the 21st of April 2024. it has been 5 years since the last race that was held in the Shanghai circuit which was in 2019 before the covid. ever since the return was announced, there has been a lot of excitement among the fans and drivers on the grid to be able to drive on the iconic track.

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The viewers are yet again ready to witness another iconic race at the Shanghai circuit with the first sprint weekend of 2024 taking place in Shanghai, where qualifying for the sprint event on Saturday comes just after Formula One Practice 1. Fans are counting down the days after the Japanese Grand Prix, and excitement is growing for the return of the Chinese Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen Next Race: When Is the F1 Chinese Grand Prix?
Credits: Felipe Meira’s X (Twitter)

The Chinese Grand Prix has a special place among the fans because of its unforgettable moments and battles between the drivers that have taken place on the tracks of Shanghai ever since 2004, leaving fans on the tip of their seats.

Chinese Grand Prix 2024 Timings

Friday, April 19

FP1: 11.30 am (Local time) 4.30 (UK time)
Sprint qualifying: 3.30 pm (Local time) 8.30 am (UK time)

Saturday, April 20

Sprint race: 11 am (Local time) 4 am (UK time)
Grand Prix qualifying: 3 pm (Local time) 8 am (UK time)

Sunday, April 21

Chinese Grand Prix: 3 pm (Local time) 8 am (UK time)

Within a few days, the Shanghai circuit is going to be filled with the roars of the engines and wheel-to-wheel battle between the drivers. The entire grid and the fans are eagerly waiting to experience the racing in Shanghai after 5 years.

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