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Max Verstappen Record: Mad Max’s Meteoric Rise and Record-Breaking F1 Career 9 Years After Debut
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In the history of F1, Max Verstappen rose as the youngest-ever driver by rewriting the record books by showcasing his incredible talent and determination. F1 is one of those sports where drivers are constantly pushing the limits of speed and skill and within these factors, only a few have made as big an impact in as short a time as Mad Max. So let’s dive in to find out detailed information on his career.

Max Verstappen’s Remarkable Journey in Formula 1

Max Verstappen made his debut with Toro Rosso (now known as Alpha Tauri) in 2015 at the age of 17, with Carlos Sainz as his teammate, becoming the youngest driver ever in F1. His fearless driving style and the ability to handle pressure immediately caught the attention of the people. 

Credits: Formula 1’s Instagram

In 2015, Malaysian Grand Prix, Max, qualified in seventh place ahead of both Red Bulls and his teammate, becoming the youngest driver on the grid to reach Q3 and score points in F1. Five races into the season in 2016, Red Bull made a dramatic decision by signing Verstappen into their team mid-season, by replacing Daniil Kvyat with Max.  Mad max’s true potential began to shine through in the following years. 

Within his 24th race in the Dutchman’s career, he marked his first victory in the Spanish Grand Prix as the youngest winner of a Grand Prix at 18 years old, which was previously held by Sebastian Vettel for over two and a half years older than him.

In 2021, he secured his first Formula 1 World Championship, ending Mercedes’ seven-year dominance in the sport, including the most race wins in a single season and the highest number of pole positions by a Dutch driver.

The years 2020 to 2023 were an incredible period of growth and achievement for Verstappen. Despite facing stiff competition from Lewis Hamilton and other veterans, he consistently challenged for the championship title. 

Record-Breaking Achievements of Mad Max in Formula 1

Max Verstappen holds the F1 record for the most wins within a season. The Dutchman won 19 times out of the 22 Grand Prix in 2023 and has broken Hamilton’s record with 1008 consecutive points scored in Formula 1. 

During the weekend in Saudi Arabia in the 2024 season, Verstappen achieved his 100th podium. Sebastian Vettel holds the third position in this list with 122 podiums, the second position by Schumacher with 155 podiums, and Hamilton in the first place with 197 podiums.

Credits: Max Verstappen’s X (Twitter )

 The Dutchman will undoubtedly move closer to the top 3 in this ranking of the most podiums in Formula 1 because of his dominance this season. Michael Schumacher once broke the record for most consecutive wins after taking pole position, with 12 wins in a row. Max Verstappen officially broke this Schumacher record during the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix, where he won the race for the 13th time in a row after starting from pole position. 

Verstappen’s journey from debutant to dominance in the race serves as an inspiration to aspiring drivers around the world. As he continues to rewrite the record books and redefine the limits of what is possible on the racetrack, one thing remains certain is that his legacy in Formula 1 will continue for generations to come.

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