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Sergio “Checo” Perez has shown remarkable performance levels since joining the Red Bull team. He is recognized as the best Mexican driver in history.

Before 2020, Checo struggled to find a suitable team, switching from one team to another in hopes of proving his worth on the track.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t achieve this until he found his ship sailing smoothly on the winds of success at Red Bull in 2020 alongside his teammate Max Verstappen.

At Red Bull, Sergio clinched his first-ever pole position and achieved his highest career championship finish, P3.

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During any race or interview, people often notice others calling Perez “Checo” instead of Sergio. Many fans may have questions about why he is called Checo and where the nickname came from.

Upon being asked about this, Sergio revealed the origin of his nickname, while his team boss Christian Horner, provided another explanation for why Sergio’s are called “Checo” in Mexico.

Let’s delve deeper into this situation to know Where did this name come from?

What’s The Story Behind Sergio Perez’s Nickname “CHECO”?

Sergio Perez, when asked in a 2013 interview himself revealed the rather ordinary story behind how he acquired his nickname “Checo.”

He said, “It’s not really that complicated or interesting. In Mexico, all Sergio are automatically given the nickname ‘Checo’, so there’s no story behind it.”

Giving people common nicknames like calling someone Alex instead of Alexander is like using a shorter, more informal version of their name that most people will understand.

Perez has been called “Checo” since he started racing in F1, and as of the 2024 Bahrain GP, he has won 6 Grand Prix races and stood on the podium 36 times.

In the Netflix series “Drive to Survive,” during a conversation in Abu Dhabi, Christian Horner, Perez’s team boss, explained that the nickname “Checo” means “Big d**k” in Perez’s homeland. This caused Yuki Tsunoda, Max Verstappen, and Pierre Gasly to burst out laughing.

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When discussing Sergio Perez’s nickname “Checo,” it’s worth noting that he’s not the only one he’s known by.

His teammate Max Verstappen referred to him as the “Mexican Minister of Defence” in 2021 when Max won his first-ever world championship with Red Bull.

“Unveiling The Origins Of Sergio Perez’s ‘Mexican Minister of Defence’ Moniker”

During the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Sergio Perez earned the nickname “Mexican Minister of Defence” by holding up Lewis Hamilton, ultimately aiding Max Verstappen in securing the world title.

In an interview, Sergio Perez emphasized his belief in being credited for his attacking skills, stating, “I prefer to be the minister of attack.” He asserted that he drives aggressively but fairly, never recklessly.

His 36 podium finishes reflect his aggressive driving style, which he continues to demonstrate in 2024.

In the latest Bahrain GP, Sergio Perez secured P2 for his team, while his teammate Max won the grand prix, leading to strong indications that either Max or Checo will win the 2024 F1 world championship with their super livery RB20.

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