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Max Verstappen Next Race: When Is the F1 Chinese Grand Prix?
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After being away for four years, Formula 1 is set to return to China, with the Shanghai International Circuit being lit and crowded again with huge F1 fans present in China after five years.

After an amazing race in Japan, the Shanghai track awaits the driver’s first time since 2019, Despite the track being located far from metropolitan cities, a huge crowd is expected to gather to watch the F1 being hosted in their country.

Since it is returning after a long time, Chinese fans are expected to appear in large numbers to cheer for their favorite team and driver.

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In 2020, F1 hosted 17 races, marking the first year China was not part of the race locations since its first appearance in 2004. Additionally, there were 22 races, and the same situation occurred with China.

In 2022 and 2023, there were 23 races each, and now, for the first time in Formula 1 history, 24 races are scheduled worldwide, with China included after being canceled for 4 years.

However, why was the Chinese Grand Prix canceled during 2020 and 2023? Many fans were left wondering about the reasons behind the cancellation.Let’s dig more into the situation on the cancellation of Chinese GP below.

Reasons For The Cancellation of Chinese GP

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which originated in China and spread rapidly through human contact, the Chinese government imposed strict restrictions nationwide to prevent the virus’s transmission.

Despite lifting some restrictions, the increasing number of COVID cases remained a concern for the country.

In 2020, it was officially announced at the beginning of the year that the Chinese Grand Prix would not be included in the season’s calendar. This decision prioritized the safety of all involved.

Given the logistical challenges of travel between races and the risk of increasing COVID-19 transmission, it was deemed prudent to exclude the event from the schedule.

By 2021, despite efforts to control the virus, the Chinese Grand Prix remained canceled until 2023 due to ongoing concerns about the pandemic.

However, with the situation improving by 2024 and the pandemic nearly over, Formula 1 is considering a return to China.Here’s a piece for you to discover more about the upcoming Chinese GP. Read more:Chinese Grand Prix Start Time: When Will The Qualifying and F1 Races Begin?

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