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Max Verstappen
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Honda is set to end its partnership with Red Bull after being their engine manufacturer since 2019, transitioning to a new deal with Aston Martin in 2026. This move not only sees Honda leaving Red Bull but also leaving its favorite driver, Max Verstappen. Honda states that it will miss the Dutchman and expresses hope to work with him in the future.

Since Verstappen won his first and latest world championship title, Honda has been an integral part of his journey, and this year they are keeping up with Verstappen to win his fourth title.

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In a recent interview, Honda Racing Corporation president Koji Watanabe expressed sadness at seeing Honda’s relationship with Verstappen nearing its end, despite the driver being contracted to Red Bull until the end of the 2028 season.

Watanabe said he hopes for a reunion with Verstappen in the future, Let’s delve deeper into the interview with the Japanese engine manufacturing company to understand which aspects of the relationship between Verstappen and Honda have led to Verstappen becoming their favorite driver.

Honda’s Relationship Status with Max Verstappen Unveiled

In a recent interview with, HRC chief Koji Watanabe, expressed his feelings over his bond with Verstappen over the years, he said “We have a very good relationship with Max. The Honda employees love Max. We are proud to work with Max and will miss him in the future,”

“Verstappen is incredibly important to us. He’s currently the top driver in Formula 1,” Watanabe explains when asked about Verstappen’s role in Honda’s success.

He emphasizes that having the right driver, team management, and equipment is vital, and Verstappen plays a key role in this combination.

Watanabe highlights mutual respect as something Honda particularly appreciates in the Red Bull driver. He mentions that Verstappen frequently expresses gratitude towards Honda and shows appreciation for the manufacturer in different ways.

One example is when Verstappen won his first race since partnering with Honda; he gestured towards Honda’s logo on the podium. “That day was special,” Watanabe reflects.

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Overall, Watanabe says they have a strong connection with Verstappen and want to keep working with him in the future, even though they still have two more years together.

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