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Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport is an amazing piece of car that features high-performance single-seater cars that have cutting-edge technology whose worth is beyond imagination. The shape of an F1 car is designed in such a way that it shall run on track with high speed tearing the wind in two ways. The car has a special aerodynamic design which assists in increasing the speed and handling of the car.

Apart from this, it has a chassis with a narrow nose, a cockpit for the driver, front and rear wings that help generate downforce, and wide tires to provide better grip. However, the aerodynamics of the car play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth running of the car. So what does exactly these parts cost to every F1 team? How much does an F1 car cost? And which is the most expensive car participating in the 2024 Formula 1 series? Know more below.

How Much Money Does An F1 Livery Cost?

In Formula 1 racing, the current exact price of a single-seater car cannot be determined as each Formula 1 team spends, unlike costs for the development of their cars. In the past, it was difficult for the new teams to invest beyond a certain amount to make their car topnotch, while teams like Red Bull and Mercedes AMG who are already in this scene could leverage their capabilities with investors’ support to spend as much until their cars are the best on the grid.

Noticing this The FIA stated that the team can spend around $150 million on their developments which also includes transportation charges and team expenses.As per the latest 2023 season, the set of wings of an F1 car costs around $200,000, steering wheels are valued at around $50,000. According to Red Bull, The estimated value of an engine is around $10.6 million and the overall price of the car ranges between $12 to $15 million. The pricing of the cars isn’t surprising as the top-performing car can cruise at speeds around 220 mph and can accelerate from zero to 100kmph/62mph within 2.4 seconds.

Which Team Has The Most Expensive Livery?

Talking about which team has an expensive car is quite challenging because, as of January 2024 McLaren is the only team to unveil their livery look for the 2024.

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Dominating the 2023 season, Red Bull had to pay more than the entry fees of the runner-up Mercedes ($33,51,833.97) and third-place Ferrari ($33,32,598.19) combined.

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