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The seven-time world champion’s move to Ferrari was a Jaw-dropping moment for his fans but not for Mercedes and Toto. The Briton has been with Mercedes since 2013.

Lewis, since then has created history with the team winning seven world championship titles out of which six are won under Mercedes.

After 12 seasons, six world championships, and 82 race wins, Lewis Hamilton is leaving Mercedes for Ferrari.

It’s a day most thought would never come. Hamilton himself said last year he expected to remain with Mercedes “til my last days”, and there was “no place I would rather be.”

After Lewis broke the promise, many fans felt disappointed and couldn’t hide their sense of betrayal. Fans on the X app targeted him for trolling over his move to the rival team, drawing comparisons in cricket terms, comparing it to Virat Kohli joining Pakistan’s cricket team.

Let’s delve in to know, Why Lewis Hamilton made the shocking move to Ferrari, and what the reason behind fans drawing comparisons to ‘Virat Kohli joining the Pakistan cricket team’?

How Are Fans Reacting To Lewis Hamilton’s Move Being Compared To Virat Kohli Joining the Pakistan Cricket Team?

Hamilton’s decision to swap the Silver arrows for the Prancing Horse was not acceptable to fans resulting in disappointment and trolls over social media.

The fans compared him to the famous cricket player Virat Kohli, who plays for India, by highlighting a similar scenario of him joining Pakistan’s cricket team, considering India and Pakistan’s fierce rivalry in cricket matches.

Reasons Behind Lewis’s Departure

The fans assumed the reason behind Lewis leaving Mercedes could be, that he was not impressed with the car they produced for the 2024 season, which would lack in achieving Lewis’s objectives for the season.

In a recent post on the X social media platform, Mercedes posted a picture of Lewis sitting inside a car, which is completely blurred. Hamilton’s expression was unsatisfactory which had a light frown on his fans.

Fans on this situation commented he looked depressed while others pretended he would come out of that car as happy as he was back in 2020. Some of the reaction from Mercedes post:

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