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Who is the owner of PFL (Professional Fighting League)?
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The MMA world features numerous promotions globally to curate fights for fans, ranging from MFN to UFC. Discussing MMA promotions, one significant competitor to Dana White’s company is the Professional Fighting League (PFL). With superstars like Francis Ngannou and Jake Paul under its organization, and having acquired Bellator, the question many fans want to know is: Who is the owner of PFL? Let’s dive into finding details about it.

Details about PFL Owner

Donn Davis, co-founder, and chairman of the Professional Fighting League, plays a key role in leading the ownership group. While investors like Ted Leonsis and Mark Leschly are involved, notable figures such as Jake Paul and rapper Wiz Khalifa also have a stake in the company. Let’s explore the details about Donn Davis who is the co owner of the company.

Donn Davis played a key role in putting together the PFL ownership group, leading the acquisition of World Series of Fighting, and is acknowledged as the visionary behind PFL, according to the official PFL website. His career has focused on creating innovative digital media companies. 

Donn, along with Steve Case, co-founded Revolution, LLC, a venture capital firm, and currently serves as a Managing Partner at Revolution Growth. 

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Before Revolution, he held significant positions, including Chairman/CEO of Exclusive Resorts, President/COO of AOL Interactive Properties Group, and Founder/President of Tribune Ventures. And as per the sources, he has multi million Net Worth.

Different websites show varying numbers, so we cannot determine the exact net worth. In comparison, Dana White has almost half a billion networth. And now that PFL has acquired Bellator, it will be interesting to see the future of the company and Donn Davis’ moves, seeing how he propels the Professional Fighting League to new heights.


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