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Alexander Volkanovski
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Alexander Volkanovski has lost only thrice in his professional MMA career so far, against two of his opponents. In a career of 29 active bouts, the Australian star has fetched 26 victories. In the UFC, he has lost only twice and his maiden career defeat happened way before he made it to the biggest MMA league.

Nevertheless, those losses failed to prevent Alexander Volkanovski from becoming the legend he is today. The UFC featherweight champion is regarded as one of the most skilled fighters on the planet right now. Having beaten umpteen legendary fighters on his way, Volkanovski has lost only to Cory Nelson and Islam Makhachev (2X).

Before making his way into the UFC, Volkanovski suffered his maiden defeat in his home country Australia, here’s a look back at that loss.

Alexander Volkanovski vs Cory Nelson

Volkanovski and Cory Nelson locked horns at the Australian FC 5 in 2013 on the main card. ‘Volk’ was yet to become the star that he is today. Lacking enough experience on his side, Volkanovski fell prey to Cory Nelson’s tactics and ended up losing in round three.

Despite showcasing his best effort, Alexander Volkanovski remained on the wrong end of a beatdown. Cory Nelson unloaded a barrage of punches on ‘Volk’, leaving him helpless. Following the punches, Nelson also landed a head kick on Alexander Volkanovski in 0:13 mins of round 3 and scored a TKO victory for himself.

Following that defeat, Alexander Volkanovski went on a sensational run. He made his way into the UFC, won the featherweight title and cemented himself as one of the best ever to o it. However, reality struck him harsh once again as Alexander Volkanovski fought Islam Makhachev.

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The Uncrackable Islam Makhachev

25-1 as a pro, Islam Makhachev hasn’t experienced defeats for a long time. However, he came across one of his toughest times in the cage during the first fight against Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 284. Doming the featherweight title, Volkanovski challenged Islam Makhachev fir the lightweight strap and he fought like that.

Both men went on to push each other to their corner for all five rounds. Alexander Volkanovski pummelled the lightweight champion and eft him bruised up. It was undoubtedly a close fight with both the champions bringing in their prime forms.

However, Islam Makhachev was awarded the victory on the judges card, making Volkanovski suffer his second career defeat and the first in the UFC. Meanwhile, several critics had bashed Islam Makhache for not being so dominant in the fight.

The pair rematched at UFC 294. This time, Alexander Volkanovski accepted the fight in a short 10-day notice as Charles Oliveira pulled out from fighting Islam Makhachev. The rematch tuned out to be really different from the original fight. Islam Makhachev as prepared for the bout while Volkaobvski had a very limited tenure to get himself ready.

It got reflected inside the cage as Islam Makhachev planted a perfect head kick on his opponent and knocked him out in round 1 of the clash. Although Alexander Volkanovski’s lightweight dreams haven’t been accomplished till now in the UFC, he is s till a force of action at 145 lbs.


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