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Conor McGregor father
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Conor McGregor appears to be a perfect family person who hasn’t forgotten to devour time with his close ones even amidst sheer success and stardom.

A father of three children now, the UFC star is seemingly expecting his fourth child with partner Dee Devlin. While McGregor is currently gunning for his MMA comeback, his family members are possibly living their best life out there.

Conor McGregor is also passing on the talent to his eldest son McGregor Jr. who is often spotted training in combat with his father. That said, McGregor wasn’t fortunate to receive the fighting genes from his father. However, the UFC star’s father has been prime support and a major reason behind his global success.

Here’s everything you need to know about Conor McGregor’s father

Conor McGregor and his father: Who is Tony McGregor?

Unlike Conor McGregor, his parents didn’t see the sheer financial success in their younger days. However, they remained together and provided mental aid to their son throughout. Although not much is revealed about their personal life, Tony McGregor reportedly admitted to falling in love with his wife Margaret at first sight.

How Did Conor McGregor’s Father Tony McGregor Earn Money?

Actually a Liverpudlian, Tony McGregor’s father was a British Navy officer. Tony’s mother reportedly betrayed her father and the family broke down. That’s when Tony McGregor shifted to Ireland and looked up for jobs. Aged 64, Tony McGregor did several jobs to earn his livelihood while he has remained related to his wife Margaret McGregor for four decades.

McGregor’s father worked as a technician’s apprentice for a year before joining as a factory worker for job dissatisfaction. However, he quit his job at the factory too, and became a cabbie.

After working for 26 years for his investment in the taxis, Tony McGregor retired. Later, the future UFC star’s father also worked as a celebrant. Tony McGregor acted as a voluntary representative in church and other social works.

Meanwhile, Conor McGregor’s mother also worked as a laundry worker at one point in her life. Not to forget, their son now has a networth of $200 million and they need not worry about economics anymore.

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Tony McGregor Didn’t Believe His Son Would Become a Superstar

Although Conor McGregor’s interest in sports sparked de to his father, he didn’t get all the support initially. Conor McGregor’s father admitted that he didn’t believe his son would be a MMA superstar. However, his opinion changed after he saw ‘Notorious’ perform in the Cage Warriors.

Meanwhile, ‘Notorious’ also said that he once told his father about becoming a self-made millionaire by the age of 25 while his father laughed. Nevertheless, the Dublin-native became a multi-millionaire when he was just 24.

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