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Dana White
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Dana White is one of the main reasons behind the global success of UFC, which he took from scratch and turned into a billion-dollar sports company. The American businessman is currently one of the wealthiest and most influential individuals in the world of combat sports.

Now that his Ultimate Fighting Championship is renowned all over, Dana White recently owned The Power Slap League and is aiming to make it big just like the UFC. Aged 54, White recently changed his position from the president to the CEO of UFC.

After UFC and WWE Merged together to form the TKO group, Dana White is now an active offer for their MMA company. That said, his active income is also lucratively blessing his net worth. Here’s a look at how much money he has.

Dana White Networth and More Update on the UFC CEO

As per reports, Dana White currently has a net worth of $500 million. The sum seems to have increased after the TKO merger of WWE and UFC. However, no official confirmation has come out about White’s net worth in recent times.

Hence, it’s safe to believe that the UFC CEO is yet to become a billionaire. Since he is also a member of the UFC Board, Dana White takes home an annual salary of $20 million. There are significant social media numbers that prove Power Slap to be a blooming project. Hence, Dana White seems to be making a hefty amount of finances from there.

Before running the billion-dollar business, Dana White did a lot of small jobs in the early days of his career. At one point, he was a boxing coach and was trying hard to enter the pugilistic business. A college drop out, White had also worked as a bellman, a bouncer, and worked laying pavement before he saw sheer success in the sports world.

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How Did White Begin The UFC?

White became the UFC President back in 2001 and he has described the journey several times in media appearances. Just when the UFC was in trouble, White insisted his friends- The Ferrita Brothers purchase the company for $2 million.

White was left with 10%ownership of the UFC while the Ferrita brothers kept 80%. Soon as the business grew, Dana White and his partners evolved the model. It is reported that White bagged a whooping $360 million during the famous UFC-Zuffa deal. The UFC has become one io the largest sports organisations in the world right now and that verifies White’s comfortabe financial status at the time.

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