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Joe Rogan Children: How Many Kids Does the UFC Commentator Have?
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With UFC’s rise, one name became synonymous with every household of MMA fans, Joe Rogan. Many consider the UFC commentator a jack of all trades. Not only does he analyze the fights for one of the biggest MMA promotions in the world, but he also hosts one of the most famous podcasts, the Joe Rogan Experience. The Tae Kwon Do black belt is quite vocal about his love for his family and showcases it on his social media accounts. Let’s take a deeper dive into the family of Joe Rogan, in particular his children.

Joe Rogan is married to former model Jessica Ditzel. Ditzel is the daughter of a popular music band, Ditch Pickel’s member Jeff Conrad. After attending California State University-Long Beach Island Ditzel dated and got engaged to the lead singer of R&B group H-Town, Keven Connor.

Unfortunately, Connor passed away in a tragic car accident, leaving behind their unborn daughter, Kayja Rose, back in 2003. Ditzel met Rogan during the early 2000s when she was working as a cocktail server in Los Angeles. The duo hit it off and began dating for over eight years before tying the knot.

How many children does Joe Rogan have?

Rogan and Ditzel share two daughters, 14-year-old Lola Rogan and 13-year-old Rosy Rogan. In addition, the American podcaster had also adopted 27-year-old Kayja Rose shortly after they got married.

After spending the majority of their life in California, the family recently shifted to Austin, Texas. The UFC commentator is quite protective of his daughters and keeps them private.

Additionally, there is another 6th well-known member of the Rogan family, Marshall Mae. The 56-year-old has made an Instagram account for the Golden Retriever, which remains quite active.

Furthermore, Marshall Mae Rogan has met several UFC fighters who have visited Rogan’s house. One of the famous UFC fighters Marshall has met is none other than Israel Adesanya.

Fans consistently harbor a keen curiosity about Rogan’s family, eagerly anticipating and embracing updates with a positive outlook.

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