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  • Despite Conor McGregor Confirming His Return at UFC 302, Michael Chandler’s Revelation Puts Doubt on The June 29th Super Fight- “Not Contracts Necessarily Signed”
Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler
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Conor McGregor has clarified UFC 302 as his returning event, opting 185 lbs (middleweight) category as a fit to fight Michael Chandler on June 29th.

After several rumors and speculations, the Irishman confirmed facing ‘Iron’ Chandler all by himself. Former Bellator champion Michael Chandler is also optimistic about testing himself against the biggest MMA superstar.

However, Michael Chandler’s recent revelations may cite some confusion remaining about the matchup. ‘Iron’ sat down with TMZ Sports and addressed several things about the fight.

While referring to have no contracts signed yet, Michael Chandler didn’t appear to have any problems with it.

He said, “As of right now, June 29th is what I’m preparing for. Obviously, when it comes out of the horse’s mouth, you know 50% of his fight Connor and then myself. Connor coming out and saying that is the day.”

“That’s the date what I’m preparing for. Obviously, we’ve spoken to the UFC. So that is the day when I am preparing for.”

“Yeah. And that’s honestly how this sport moves along. Sometimes there are fights that are made and it’s not contracts necessarily signed yet because as a gentleman’s agreement. So yeah, we’re good.”

Conor McGregor has hinted at facing several opponents on umpteen occasions. A few days back, he hinted at working on a potential fight against Manny Pacquiao in Riyadh. Meanwhile, ‘Pac-Man’ has announced rematching Floyd Mayweather in a boxing exhibition while McGregor announced his MMA return against Michael Chandler.

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Will Conor McGregor Actually Make 185 lbs Middleweight?

Conor McGregor has competed at 145 lbs (featherweight), 155 lbs (lightweight), and 170 lbs (welterweight) in the UFC. He is the first fighter to hold world titles in two weight classes simultaneously, at featherweight and lightweight. He has also scored wins via KOs in all those three divisions. Per his current physical frame, McGregor looks likely to make 185 lbs.

He doesn’t seem to be ever going down to 145 lbs in his life. That said, Conor McGregor still looks comfortable at 155 lbs and 170 lbs. Before snapping his ankle in half at UFC 264 against Dustin Poitier, ‘Notorious’ appeared quite brilliant with his moves. Also that he has never missed making weight, Conor McGregor can actually make 185 lbs if he wants to, or at least that’s what his athletic actions have cited so far.

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