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Sean Strickland
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Sean Strickland hardly keeps a check when it comes to talking trash on the mic. The UFC champion speaks his mind, possibly with no filter for the audience. It has garnered a lot of attention on him. However, the American star seems well aware of how to keep the important things of his life private.

A few days back, Sean Strickland appeared on The Theo Von Podcast and got emotional while talking about his late father. That said, the MMA community or the mainstream fans hardly know anything about Strickland’s father.

All About Sean Strickland and His Father- Relationship, Trauma and Death

UFC champion Sean Strickland has never revealed his father’s name or any sensitive information. However, ‘Tarzan’ has frequently opened up about his father being abusive. Strickland has passed on some dark comments regarding his father, enticing him about death and other setbacks.

In one of his public media appearances, the UFC superstar conveyed how he had advised his father to end his own life.

‘Tarzan’ said, “I want to tell you about my dad. My dad was lying in bed one day with a .45. I f**king walked up and he was talking about suicide. I said ‘You should f**king do it.’ I was like 17 at the time. ‘Your wife left you, you’re unemployed, you’re a f**king drug addict. You should do it.’ He didn’t f**king do it and died at 50 something of cancer, f**king miserable.”

Sean Strickland’s father reportedly suffered from cancer and expired after a long medical battle. The UFC star seemingly didn’t have any friendly relationship with his father. But Strickland humorously once highlighted the one bad thing his father didn’t do to him.

The fighter wrote, “My dad dying of cancer “Sean I know I wasn’t the best to you, but at least I didn’t molest you” 100 percent true conversation……”


He said, “He [Strickland’s father] was on drugs, lots of drugs… I remember I used to sit there and just hug my mom’s leg in the kitchen. We had this little nook, and she would go there, and I would just sit there all night long, by the feet of my mom, and my dad [would go] like, ‘I’m going to f**king kill you’… I’ll never forget, he would talk about burning her face with acid and, mind you, I’m in elementary school.”

Coming from such a bad phase, Sean Strickland is now on of the biggest martial artists in the world who has also touched the UFC gold.

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