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The F1 prodigy Charles Leclerc, who drives for the legendary team known as Scuderia Ferrari has been setting standards on and off the track since he joined in 2019. He was chosen to drive the SF90, an F1 car by the Ferrari also known as “Project 670” along with his team rival Sebastian Vettel. When driving for Ferrari public attention was drawn to Charlotte Sine because of her romantic engagement with Charles Leclerc, it was revealed that they were dating but What exactly happened to them after 2022? Who is Charlotte Sine? Does Charles Leclerc have a girlfriend? Let’s enter into Perceval’s love interest.

Scuderia Ferrari’s primary driver “Charles Leclerc” dated “Charlotte Sine” back in 2019. Their relationship was very public and cherished by fans all over the world. The couple split up towards the end of December 2022 after dating for three years. She shared a message on her social media handle saying ” Charles and I have decided to end our relationship and stay good friends.” It’s been three beautiful years together with loads of memories.” He is an amazing person and I wish him the best.” Please respect our decision and privacy. Thank you”

Know About Charles’s Current Girlfriend Alexandra.

But, little did fans know Charles had moved on and did not take long to form a relationship with his new girlfriend, “Alexandra Saint Mleux”. The 21-year-old model grabbed public attention after they both were seen together on the streets of Monaco.” Alexandra Saint Mleux” is a fashion model and a TikTok star from Italy born on the 19th of June 2002. She posts art and fashion content on her social media platforms TikTok and Instagram. She has over 165K followers on her TikTok and 67k followers on her Instagram where she frequently posts art content. Besides being a TikToker, Alex is currently studying art history in Paris, France as per multiple reports. It is known that Alexandra is not new to Charlotte Sine, Both used to follow each other on social media but were unfollowed, after her breakup with the F1 driver. If this is not enough, fans also noticed that they both look similar to each other.

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Alex has also attended multiple Grand Prix venues in 2023 to support her other half. In a recent Instagram post by @f1gossipofficial, it was seen the TikTok creator attending the Leclerc family gathering with Charles. The mother Pascale had a ball of a time with not only her three pillars but also their partners. Per the Instagram account @f1gossipofficial, ”I think it’s the first trip for the boys’ mother having three daughters-in-law together”.

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