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Dana White Fasting Video: Here's How UFC President Transformed His Chiseled Physique
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On the internet, we have seen numerous videos where people showcase their incredible transformations, from losing weight to sculpting a physique that typically leaves many in awe. Similarly, fight fans are familiar with the journey of UFC President Dana White, who has shed massive weight over the years after receiving serious advice from a doctor. Since then, he has never looked back and has continued to improve over time. Recently, after shedding a significant amount of weight, he shared a video on his social media where he demonstrated how he utilizes fasting as a tool, showcasing an amazing transformation in just 86 hours. Let’s dive in to find more about it.

Check Of Dana White Fasting Video

On his social media, Dana White shared a video where he talked about completing an 86-hour water fast and feeling like a superhero afterward. Obviously, he started this journey after experts advised him that water fasting can significantly reduce the risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s, and various other health issues. With proper support, he underwent the fast under the supervision of his team.

After fasting for 86 hours, which is about three and a half days, White shared remarkable before and after photos of himself, showcasing the effects of the proper fasting regimen. In his video, White said he did a shorter, safer water fast, like a “seven-day water fast” but for less time. For the first day, only water with electrolytes (without calories) was allowed. Then, for the next two days, he had bone broth twice a day.

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Before trying this fasting method, note that nutritionists generally advise against it. However, it might be relatively safe for a healthy person, but safety varies. If inspired by UFC President White, ensure proper supervision, as he likely had a team overseeing his process. And if you don’t have any guidance don’t try this.


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