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Mike Perry Wife: Who Is Latory Gonzalez?
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For the majority of his MMA career, Mike Perry entertained the UFC fans with his wild fighting style inside the octagon. Over the years, he has made a name for himself with his passionate displays in MMA and bare-knuckle fights. ‘Platinum’ fought UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at the most recent BKFC 56 event. He also secured impressive wins over fighters like former UFC legend Luke Rockhold and Michael ‘Venom’ Page in the promotion. However, not many are aware about the personal life of Mike Perry and who is his wife. With his victory in mind, let’s explore all we know about his wife, Latory Gonzalez.

Former UFC fighter Mike Perry shares a unique relationship with his partner, Latory Gonzalez. The two met at an MMA fight and their relationship blossomed into a marriage thereafter. Another interesting fact to consider is that Gonzalez has been a part of Perry’s camps as his trainer. Fans have even spotted her as a part of his corner during fights as well.

The relationship of Latory Gonzalez and Mike Perry

Latory Gonzalez has been together with Mike Perry since 2020, and with a background in wrestling, she is no stranger to the world of combat sports. The couple are also proud parents to 2 children. And their Instagram pages are often filled with updates sharing glimpses of their family life with their fans.

Mike Perry Wife: Who Is Latory Gonzalez?
Mike Perry [Left], Latory Gonzalez [ Right].
Credits – @platinummikeperry

Gonzalez has an Instagram following of over 30 K followers, which highlights the influence she has managed to gain on social media. The couple got married in 2023. And their update regarding the same drew support from their fans and fighters in the combat sports community as well.

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The couple’s story is also significant as Perry once walked into an MMA bout in the UFC with Gonzalez as the only member of his corner team.

Before his fight against Mickey Gall in 2020, Mike Perry had stated that he was barely pleased with his coaches and the team surrounding him. As such, the fighter decided to take over the responsibility for his training for the fight.

Mike Perry Wife: Who Is Latory Gonzalez?
Latory Gonzalez [Left], Mike Perry [Right].
Credits – The Instagram handle of Mike Perry – @platinummikeperry

The couple’s story not only highlights their unconventional approach to fight preparation but also underlines the strength of their partnership both inside and outside the ring.

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