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Mike Perry In BKFC
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Mike Perry is one of the most talked-about prospects in the combat sports world right now. While he has competed in the world’s top MMA company, the UFC, it has never garnered him the level of popularity he presently possesses. Perry left the organization following his final UFC bout in 2021, which he lost. Later that year, the 32-year-old announced his switch to the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, which is today one of the most prestigious promoters in the bare-knuckle circuit.

Mike Perry In BKFC
Mike Perry In BKFC
Credits: Mike Perry’s Instagram

Perry’s stars began to shine from there. He has participated in four BKFC bouts since 2021, winning all of them and amassing a fortune in the process. According to recent online sources, Mike Perry is worth more than $2 million. Let’s look at his net worth in more detail.

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Mike Perry: How much is the BKFC star worth?

Mike Perry’s fighting career has contributed significantly to his net worth. The American MMA fighter has fought in 22 professional MMA fights, 15 of which were in the UFC.

Perry presently has a 14-8 professional fighting record to his own. According to current sources, ‘Platinum’ earned over $1.3 million during his stint in the UFC, which is less than what he earned in the BKFC.

Meanwhile, according to reports, his most recent bout, against former UFC champion Eddie Alavrez, earned him almost $1.1 million. Although reports are not official, Perry is most certainly making far more money in BKFC than he was in the UFC.

Previously, the former UFC fighter agreed to a multi-fight contract with BKFC for $8 million. He has so far participated in four fights, winning all of them in astonishing ways against the likes of Michael Page, ex-UFC champion Luke Rockhold, and others.

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While it is understandable that Mike earned less at the start of his BKFC career, ‘Platinum’ has already established himself as a prominent bare-knuckle fighter. In fact, he has become the face of the promotion, drawing more attention to it.

With a likable demeanor, ‘Platinum’ is growing in the promotion by winning fights in a row. As a result, we are extremely likely to see more of him in the future, and he will also ensure his long-term success with large sums of money gained from BKFC.

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