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How Many Sports Ronda Rousey Has Venture Into: UFC, WWE, and More?
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There are numerous legendary sporting names, from Michael Jordan to Mike Tyson. However, it’s a sad reality that we haven’t had as many female figures in the sports realm. Fortunately, the last decade has seen a huge change, with many inspiring women making their mark. One such sporting legend is Ronda Rousey. With a career spanning many years, she has inspired numerous young talents to choose the sports she excelled in, from WWE to UFC. In this article, we will delve into every sport she has ventured into.

Ronda Rousey Has Been WWE, UFC, and Judo Champion


Ronda Rousey was the first woman to sign with the UFC, and her career began dominantly, rising quickly to become the champion by defeating Miesha Tate. She enjoyed a long winning streak, winning 12 matches straight and appearing undefeatable. However, Holly Holm’s famous leg kick handed her the first defeat. In her subsequent bout, she faced another loss to Amanda Nunes before leaving the sport to join WWE.


After her UFC career, she joined the largest pro wrestling promotion, WWE, where, akin to her quick ascent in UFC, she swiftly rose through the ranks and even became the WWE Champion. One of the most significant feuds of her career unfolded against Charlotte Flair. 

Despite her superiority in pro wrestling prowess, her less-than-stellar mic work remained her sole weak point. However, she has given numerous iconic memories from Wrestlemania to slamming Triple H on the table and everytime she went on stage she dropped the jaws of many.


Before everything else, she was the daughter of the first-ever American judoka women’s champion, AnnMaria De Mars. Like her mother, she also rose to compete at the highest levels, becoming the first American ever to win a medal for the United States in Judo at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Rousey won the Bronze medal, showcasing her mettle in the early stages of her career.

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Her influence extended across multiple sports, etching her name in gold as the one of the biggest sporting superstars who also went on to act in movies. Currently, Rousey holds a prominent position among global figures.


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