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Why Did The Rock and Cody Rhodes Get Banned From PG13 Rules Before Wrestlemania 40?
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WWE needs to consider a lot of things when creating live television. Although performers may become passionate in their remarks, they should avoid becoming vulgar. A few recent promos were different. The Rock and Cody Rhodes are getting exemption from PG-13 guidelines.

Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio attested to the fact that everyone received a memo about the same. American Nightmare used profanity while still maintaining his babyface persona because he had to respond to Johnson.

The Rock and Cody Rhodes Used Foul Language

This week on WWE RAW, Cody Rhodes took the mic and said a lot of things. He used a few expletives that the network no longer permits on their programs. Rhodes had a legitimate justification for using profanity—he was responding to The Brahma Bull.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that a memo verifying the details of Cody Rhodes promo had been sent to all parties. WWE wanted to keep Rhodes as their babyface, so they allowed him to say some foul language during the promo.



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The purpose of this move was to avoid giving Rhodes a bad impression in comparison to Dwayne. They essentially wanted him to remain babyface that’s why they allowed him. It seems like they don’t want that if he looked awful in this promo, and Rock looked fantastic in last week’s SmackDown.

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WWE’s Note Regarding Profanities

The Most Electrifying man caused some controversy when he was permitted to use foul language in his television promos, and even more so when WWE issued a memo instructing performers to omit the language. Being The Rock allows him to get away with much more.

It came to light that People’s Champion can use foul language as WWE submitted the scripts to FOX for review in advance. They were always prepared to bleep out cuss words as required.

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Nick Khan, Paul Levesque, and Dan Ventrelle sent out a memo stating that talent must follow PG guidelines. The Great one is receiving special treatment, and he is free to say whatever he wants.

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There was a notion that promotions were subject to a double standard. It seems that Cody Rhodes is now free to use more profanities as well. Permitting The Rock for the usage of foul words has caused controversy. And even more so when WWE issued a memo instructing performers to omit the language. Being The Rock allows him to get away with much more.


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