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WWE Superstars OnlyFans: A List of Wrestlers Who Have Joined, From John Cena to Chelsea Green
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In the dynamic world of WWE, the emergence of WWE stars joining OnlyFans has increased. Legendary icons like John Cena and rising talents such as Chelsea Green are present on OnlyFans. Each wrestler brings a unique flair to OnlyFans. Let us explore 5 superstars who had or have an account on OnlyFans.

1. John Cena

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The champ is finally here on OnlyFans. He joined OnlyFans on 22nd February to promote his upcoming film Ricky Stanicky, which will be released on the Amazon Prime video streaming platform. Cena’s account is free of cost and free of explicit content. The content present in his profile is more fun-oriented and light-hearted just like his presence on social media. Cena is a 16-time world champion, 5-time US champion, 4-time tag team champion and two Royal Rumble winners as well.

It’s worth noting that the Cenation leader is not only an A-list figure in WWE but also a major movie star. Consequently, fans are eager to see him in a real persona, and this platform provides that opportunity.

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2. Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green
Chelsea Green, Source: Instagram – @chelseaagreen

In 2021, Chelsea Green launched her OnlyFans account. However, while rejoining WWE in 2023, she had to give up her OnlyFans account. Before joining the biggest pro wrestling promotion, Green used to have an OnlyFans account and was among the top female superstars in wrestling entertainment to have an OF account. Given the fact, she was one-half of the women’s tag team champion and has won a lot of championships across other companies as well.

3. Zelina Vega

Good Morning Humans ✨ 💀— ZV (@ZelinaVegaWWE) January 2, 2024

Thea Megan Trinidad Büdgen also known as Zelina Vega in WWE, is from Puerto Rico and is the winner of the Queen of the Ring tournament as well. Currently, she has her account going by the name of “Megan Minx”, and used to charge $30/month. Due to her opening of the OnlyFans account, she was fired from WWE in 2020. On her account, she would generally post her images of doing Mortal Kombat-inspired cosplay along with Pokemon cosplay. After getting rehired by the WWE, she was forced to retire her account just like Green.

4. Mandy Rose

Amanda Rose Saccomanno formerly known as Mandy Rose, is an ex-WWE superstar who has an OnlyFans account present. She is a two-time one-half of the women’s tag team champion and one-time NXT woman champion in NXT. Mandy also won the WBFF Bikini World Champ in 2014. And been also a cover model for various magazines 10 times.

Since her release from WWE, she was on another platform named Fantime, earning $1 million in one week of release. Subsequently, she opened her OnlyFans account in September 2023. Recently on Power Alphas podcast Rose revealed that one of her fans gave her $50,000 on her OnlyFans profile which tells a lot about how big the market is.

5. Scarlett Bordeaux

Scarlett Bordeaux
Scarlett Bordeaux, Source: Instagram – @realscarlettbordeaux

Karrion Kross’s manager, part of The Testament faction and real-life Wife Scarlett Bordeaux once used to have her own OnlyFans account. She opened her account in January of 2022 and closed it within the same month due to the high amount of responses from the fans. Bordeaux and her husband were released in 2020 under the COVID pandemic laid off by WWE.

Why doesn’t WWE allow its superstars to be OnlyFans stars?

WWE policy doesn’t allow superstars to do adult content in this new era due to the family-friendly content produced by WWE. In order to maintain their brand image and audience reach, World Wrestling Entertainment prohibits superstars from creating adult content.

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