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Top 10 Highest Paid F1 Drivers in 2023
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When talking about the fastest-growing sports in the world, the name of F1 comes first in the minds of fans worldwide. It’s considered the pinnacle of motorsports, adding adrenaline for racers, and fans get excited to see their favourite drivers lift championships. While known for speed and thrill, it is also a lucrative sport, so many fans have a question in their minds: Who raked in the most this year? Is it Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Lando Norris, or someone else? In this article, we’ll dive in and find out who not only won the championship but also raked in millions.

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Talking about the highest paid drivers Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen, leads the list of racking most money in 2023. As per reports, this year, Mad Max received $70 million in salary including bonuses. He has been dominant throughout winning 19 times and 21 podium finish, 12 pole position, and more. And not just that, he is the no.1 driver in the world.

On the no.2 Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton secures his spot. Lewis spent a decade as the series’ highest-paid driver, but the last two seasons was taken over by Verstappen financially and winning races both. However, he still racked significant money as per reports he had an estimated salary of $55 million  in 2023. Notably, this doesn’t include his other endorsements, businesses and advertisements.

Followed by, Aston Martin’s primary driver- Fernando Alonso who earned $34 million, including bonuses worth $10 million. On the 4th race of the Red Bull season, Sergio Perez secured a spot with a $26 million salary on the track.

Subsequently, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc has been ranked 5th with a salary of $19 million although he didn’t won any races this year but financially he did very good earning over $19 M. Check out the list of the 6-10 drivers below:

  • Lando Norris – $15m (salary $5m, bonuses $10m)
  • Carlos Sainz – $14m (salary $8m, bonuses $6m)
  • George Russell – $9m (salary $4m, bonuses $5m)
  • Pierre Gasly – $8m (salary $5m, bonuses $3m)
  • Oscar Piastri – $8m (salary $3m, bonuses $5m)

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Indeed, it was financially craziest time for the F-1 drivers. However, according to Forbes 2023, the 10 highest-paid F1 drivers collected a total of $258 million before taxes, which is slightly lower than the previous year’s $264 million.

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