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Did F1 Chinese Grand Prix Track Catch Fire?
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The 2024 Chinese Grand Prix weekend began with a free practice session that quickly took an unexpected turn. The much-awaited race after 5 years, started the weekend off with a fire caught in the grass surrounding the circuit during the first free practice session. The fire was quickly extinguished to ensure the safety of all the drivers.

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After only 15 minutes of practice, the session was red-flagged due to a fire that broke out in the grass area inside one of the corners of the circuit. None of the cars were involved in the incident, while the marshals and safety crews helped to control and extinguish the fire quickly. 

Did F1 Chinese Grand Prix Track Catch Fire?
Credits: Formula 1’s X (Twitter)

Despite this incident, the teams and drivers’ main goal is to perform well on the racetrack with focus. The fire showcased the unpredictable nature of motorsport and the importance of safety protocols.  

As the weekend progresses the focus of each team is to improve the car setup and strategies for the sprint, qualifying, and the race. The drivers will aim to make the most of practice sessions to understand the circuit after 5 years and to improve their performance.  

 The fans are expecting an intense race at the Chinese Grand Prix event despite the early incident during the free practice session. While each team is pushing themselves and their crew to secure a spot on the podium. 

what are the forecast and streaming platforms for the Chinese Grand Prix?

 The track conditions are expected to be mostly sunny in the morning at 22°C, and a cloudy atmosphere by afternoon. There is also a 60% chance of rain showers likely in the evening.  On Saturday, Dry weather is expected at noon with over 21°C, with over 80% of rain showers during Qualifying sessions. 

On race day, it is expected to be misty and cloudy at over 22°C. Race temperatures are forecasted to range between 21°C and 22°C, with a minimum of 13°C and a slight chance of rain.

Several streaming platforms enable fans of Formula 1 to watch the race online. The official Formula 1 streaming service, F1 TV, is a good choice as it provides thorough coverage of every race. Sky Sports F1, ESPN, F1 TV Pro in the US, Sky Sports in the UK, TSN in Canada, Fancode, and F1 TV Pro in India. 

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