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Who Broke Max Verstappen’s Win Streak in F1
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The Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has been on an impressive winning streak in Formula 1 for the past few years showcasing his talent and passion on the racetrack. Carlos Sainz is the only driver on the grid who has brought an end to the dutchman’s winning streak in 2023 at the Singapore Grand Prix and in the 2024 Australian Grand Prix. He is the only non-Red Bull driver to secure a podium finish this season. 

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Singapore Grand Prix is the only race where neither of the Red Bull drivers finished on the podium in 2023 season. The smooth operator also secured a podium at the Australian Grand Prix 2024 when the dutchman had to retire his car due to break issues which gave an advantage for Sainz to deliver his best performance and get the pole position.

Who Broke Max Verstappen’s Win Streak in F1?
Credits: Scuderia Ferrari’s X (Twitter)

Following the DNF for the dutchman, it paved way for both the Ferrari drivers to secure a 1-2 podium finish in the race at Melbourne. It was a momentous occasion for Sainz, marking his first win for the season ending Verstappen’s impressive winning streak in F1. 

Who has the most winning streak in F1? 

Max Verstappen holds the record with over 10 consecutive wins in the history of F1. This record was previously set by Sebastian Vettel in the year 2013 by winning 4 championships and 9 wins before announcing his retirement in 2022. The former Mercedes driver Nico Roseberg holds7 consecutive wins in the race while losing his 2015 race to a collision with his teammate Lewis Hamilton. Micheal Schumacher holds 7 consecutive wins in the 2004 season which was notably the greatest year in the motorsport world.  

Carlos Sainz passion and his fierce driving showcased a the competition in F1, highlighting a rise to the occasion and claim victory. While Verstappen’s streak may have ended but his legacy as one of the greatest drivers in F1 remains intact. 

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