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Is Fernando Alonso Staying Back at Aston Martin After the New F1 Deal?
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The 43-year-old Spanish driver, Fernando Alonso, who is known for his talent behind the wheel since 2001, has shocked the motorsport world with his latest move. Alonso has renewed his contract with Aston Martin, describing it as his lifetime project. Alonso has constantly proved his passion and determination with his thrilling performances on the racetrack. 

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Fernando Alonso is the oldest race driver on the track showcasing his passion in F1 since 2001. Alonso started karting at the age of 3, and he got into national and world karting championships, slowly progressing to car racing at the age of 17. 

Is Fernando Alonso Staying Back at Aston Martin After the New F1 Deal?
Credits: Fernando Alonso’s X (Twitter)

The Spanish driver’s first race in F1 was with the Minardi team in 2001 and he later landed in a seat with Renault in the year 2003 to 2006. In 2007 he joined Mclaren. From the year 2008-09, he rejoined Renault. Afterwards switching to McLaren and Ferrari. Alonso was unable to obtain a place in 2019 or 2020. Later, the Alpine team announced Alonso’s return to the team in 2021. BY 2023, Alonso moved to Aston Martin where he had made an impression both on and off the track with his performances in the team’s first three races, securing third place in all three.  

The Spanish driver’s seat for the next season was unannounced, with rumors speculating his move to rival teams. But the Aston Martin driver has announced his decision to stay with the team till the year 2026.  

Why did Fernando Alonso re-sign with the Aston Martin team? 

Alonso made a huge announcement that surprised the Formula One world by committing his future to Aston Martin for a two-year contract extension. This decision marks an important turning point in his career and shows his commitment and desire to compete in the sport at the greatest level.

The move from Aston Martin to Mercedes can no longer be a viable decision, with Mercedes struggling with the W15 car now and with Red Bull working to build their power units for the year 2026, which put them at high risk. As a result, Lawrence Stroll is assembling a team to beat the top teams by the 2026 season.


“In my head, Aston was the logical thing for me to do. I felt the most wanted in Aston Martin, all the other conversations were just light,” says Alonso. 

“I never came into any conclusions and maybe more time was needed or these kinds of things, while at Aston there was a clear desire to do work together, which was the same that I had,” Alonso added. 

This will also be Alonso’s last opportunity to secure his third world championship title with the upcoming new 2026 regulations in F1. With Aston Martin’s renewal with Alonso and his exceptional track record, this partnership guarantees to be nothing short of extraordinary. All the motorsport fans eagerly wait for the upcoming seasons with all eyes on Alonso as he embarks on this new chapter with Aston Martin on the sport once again. 

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