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Ollie Bearman’s Father: Know More About the Man-Shaped Ferrari Star
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In the motorsport world, young drivers often appear from unexpected corners. Ollie Bearman, the 18-year-old reserve driver for Ferrari, whose debut is making waves in the racing community. Bearman’s passion for racing ignited at a young age in the landscape of karting, showcasing his speed on the track and earning recognition for his talent, opening a new door for him. And the Ferrari Driver Academy named him as a member at the end of 2021.

Notably, his dad, David Bearman, really helped shape his career, giving him a clear direction that he follows passionately. Now, let’s get into more details about him.

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Ollie Bearman Father: The Man Behind Ferrari’s Rising Star

David Bearman is not just the father of Ollie, he is the founder and CEO of Aventum Group, chairman of Rokstone Group, and CEO of Consilium. Bearman is considered one of the wealthiest parents among the drivers on the grid. 

 Credits: Formula 1 Instagram

Bearman started Aventum Group from scratch when he was 18 years old in 1996. He started his journey as a small retail broker in Chadwell Heath, Bearman recognized an opportunity in the market and established his venture to provide brokerage services to retail clients.

Bearman’s Professional Overview

In 2007, Bearman launched a wholesale scheme targeted at the UK broker market for waste and recycling. Bearman launched this initiative in 2007, aiming to streamline the process of waste management by offering brokers a solution for sourcing materials and managing recycling operations. 

By 2016, David’s vision had led to the formation of Rokstone Underwriting, the group’s underwriting Managing General Agent (MGA). Under Bearman’s leadership, Rokstone Underwriting has become a significant force in the insurance industry, controlling an impressive $750 million in premiums. 

In the year 2021, the business underwent a rebranding, resulting in the birth of Aventum Group. The firm controls over $1.1 billion in premiums across diverse markets and lines of business.

His journey from a small retail broker in Chadwell Heath to one of the prominent figures in the industry represents the power of entrepreneurship and determination to achieve successful business.


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