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Brock Lesnar Return to WWE Raw – Explained After the Vince Macmahon and Janel Grant Controversy
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The removal of Brock Lesnar from the WWE roster page and his removal from every place possible after Janel Grant made complaints and allegations. WWE 2k24 WrestleMania edition also featured Brock Lesnar on the cover, but it was also removed. He was even replaced in the current WWE introduction video of “WWE Then, Now, Forever, Together”. 

Hope of Lesnar’s Return to WWE Raw died down. However, there are rumours that ‘The Beast Incarnate’ will return to WWE programming and maybe even be present at the Hall of Fame induction of Paul Heyman. Let us find out what exactly the status is, and will Lesnar return to WWE Raw.

Brock Lesnar finally got acknowledged on WWE RAW

On the 4th March edition of Raw, Paul Heyman’s Induction into the Hall of Fame class of 2024 was announced by WWE, giving the legend his deserved Hall of Fame induction. However, WWE acknowledged Lesnar for the first time since January after allegations against him. This is because Paul Heyman has managed him for the longest in his career, at least for a decade. This shows that WWE has made relations better.

Interestinly, WWE removed the “Beast Incarnate” name from the roster page in January. However, on 10th March 2024, his name was there on the WWE roster page, indicating the possible return of the former UFC champion. 2K Games did not remove “The Conqueror” from the WWE 2K24 in their latest game, and he remains playable in showcase mode. Despite rumors of his possible removal, Lesnar was still included in the game when it launched on March 8th, albeit only in showcase mode. And there is the possibility that he may come back in normal matches of the game as well.

With the rumours of the return of Lesnar floating around, there is a hope of light that former UFC Champion can return to WWE physically into the ring for another match after his allegations are called off. As of now, it is possible that he may return to WWE Raw. ‘Brock Solid’ has a high probability of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame again.

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