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What Is Adrian Newey’s Networth? Assets, Deals and More
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In the Formula 1 world, Adrian Newey is considered one of the most important and respected engineers. He is known for his innovation, accuracy in engineering, and constant dedication to perfection. Throughout his career, Newey has built up a fortune as close to the team principal, Christian Horner.

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Before stepping onto F1, Newey’s sports career began in the United States with Indy Car racing. Following his Indy victory, he decided to make the switch to Formula 1.

What Is Adrian Newey’s Networth? Assets, Deals and More
Credits: Scuderia Scoop’s X (Twitter)

He made his F1 debut in 1988 with March Engineering and soon proved himself as a talented engineer in the field. Newey worked with several top teams throughout the years, like as Williams and McLaren, up until landing at Red Bull Racing in 2006.

The team won four world titles in a row with Sebastian Vettel. Even though Red Bull had a fallout in 2014 and 2015, but paved their way back in 2016, allowing Max Verstappen to win his first world championship in 2021. Newey has helped the team in winning 25 world titles in total.

How much did Adrian Newey earn in Red Bull?

According to Celebrity NetWorth, Newey’s net worth is around £39.6 million, which is close to Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner’s net worth.

Horner persuaded him away from McLaren in 2005 by paying him an estimated amount of $6 million. According to the Guardian, Red Bull Racing offered to give Newey $10 million (about nine million euros) a year after he joined the team.

Newey is a highly valuable individual in the industry, leading him to secure the team with multiple global championships and victories. This impressive amount of money is the result of his years of dedication and innovation in Formula 1.

Adrian Newey has confirmed his resignation from the Red Bull team in the early 2025 season. With his departure from Red Bull Racing, Newey’s great career comes to an end and a new chapter begins. All the teams are interested in seeing where his skills will take him and his influence on Formula 1’s future.

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