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Why Is There a Proposal To Change F1’s Points System?
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F1 is one of the most popular motorsport in the world, offering talented drivers, and well-known teams battling on international racetracks. Recently, there have been discussions to update the point system for the top finishers with the FIA. This results in adjustments for the top 12 finishers in the race, which could modify the nature of the competition for midfield competitors.  these modifications is expected to be implemented by the 2025 season.

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This restructuring of the scoring system will create a huge effect on the sport. The top 10 finishers in each race receive points under the current Formula One points system: 25 points go to the winner, 18 points go to second, 15 points go to third, and 1 point goes to tenth place.

Why Is There a Proposal To Change F1’s Points System?
Credits: Williams Racing’s X (Twitter)

 But a recent proposal suggests giving points to the top 12 participants in the race. The current changes will not affect the top seven race finishers; however, the system is going to change a few points for the drivers finishing eighth and lower. 

“I’m not against. And coming from Alfa Romeo, I perfectly understand sometimes the frustration that you are doing a mega weekend, but if there is no DNF in front of you then you finish P11 and the reward is zero, you can finish P11 or P 20 and it is the same, so I can understand the frustration for this, says Fred Vasseur, Ferrari Team Principal. 

What is the new point structure in F1?

The new structure below will be new to the points given to the teams.

Finishing position Current points Proposed points 
1 25 25 
2 18 18 
3 15 15 
4 12 12 
5 10 10 
6 8 8 
7 6 6 
8 4 5 
9 2 4 
10 1 3 
11 0 2 
12 0 1 

“What’s the downside? Currently, we have three teams with zero points, and I don’t think that’s good for sport. If somebody was awarded points for P11, P12, there will be less people with zero points. So, I think it’s clearer for the fans and for the motivation of everybody working in a team as well. It’s much better to come out with P12 with one point, P11 with two points – it’s a reward,” says the Haas team boss Ayao Komatsu. 

The idea to expand the points system in Formula 1 to include the top 12 positions has a chance to brighten up the competition and make the sport more interesting. The race will become more competitive and exciting for both the teams and the fans. This will be providing an opportunity for teams to win more points.

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