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Why Did Adrian Newey Leave F1 Red Bull?
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Adrian Newey is considered one of the most successful and respected engineers in the long history of Formula One. Adrian Newey is expecting to make an early exit from Red Bull. Several rumors say that Newey is planning to depart from the team at the end of 2024 even though his contract with the team is set to expire by the end of 2025.  

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According to several German media, Newey’s decision to exit the team was due to the discomfort with the power struggles in the group. 

Why Did Adrian Newey Leave F1 Red Bull?
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The 65-year-old began his motorsport career in the 1980s and quickly gained success because of his ability to build quick cars by playing an important role in the successful outcomes of many racing teams over the years, and also working with teams like Red Bull Racing, McLaren, and Williams.

He joined Red Bull in 2006 and since then Newey has been a major contributor to Red Bull’s rise to the top of F1, helping the team win multiple Constructors’ and Drivers’ Championships. He was an important member of the team due to his ability to maximize the car’s performance and speed. 

Which team is Adrian Newey joining?

While the rumors of Newey exiting the Red Bull team was surfaced at first, Newey confirmed that he would not be leaving Red Bull, and the team stated at the beginning of the season that Newey has a significant role in the creation of their RB17 car. While a number of other top teams lined up expressed interest in adding Newey to their teams.

Mercedes has shown their interest in hiring the world champion Max Verstappen and they would also prefer to hire Newey if Verstappen decides to join the team.

Aston Martin has made a huge offer to Newey to join them. But it appears that Adrian Newey was interested in working for Ferrari in the past. If he were to sign with Ferrari, then Newey would work together with Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 season.

There has not yet been any formal confirmation on which team Newey is joining.

After a long agreement with Red Bull, Adrian Newey’s departure from the team has raised many questions. While his exit leaves a void in Red Bull, but also opens new opportunities for Newey.


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