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Last weekend, we witnessed Tyson Fury taking on Francis Ngannou in what became the biggest cross-sport combat fight. No one expected Ngannou to perform so well that he would knock down Fury. While “The Gypsy King” ultimately won the fight, he sustained more damage than he had expected. Consequently, his upcoming bout, originally scheduled for December 23, has been postponed to February of next year against Oleksandr Usyk.

Tyson Fury vs Oleksander Usyk Fight Delayed Until Next Year – Check Out The Details

According to reports, the new boxing destination, Saudi Arabia, will host the Fury vs. Usyk fight next year, despite earlier reports indicating it would occur on December 23. As seen recently in his bout against Ngannou, Fury suffered a cut over his forehead and left eye during the fight. Now, the concern he had for facing Usyk unprepared on December 23 has become a reality due to the damage sustained.

Meanwhile, Fury holds a record of (34-0-1, 24 KOs), while Usyk has a record of (21-0, 14 KOs). Both fighters have already signed the contract for their upcoming bout, and the fight is still scheduled to take place. Despite Fury’s recent 10-round bout against an MMA Heavyweight causing a disruption to his training and schedule, the fight is confirmed to go ahead but will be at a different date.

Both fighters are expected to earn significantly from this high-profile matchup, as boxing is a money-making sport. Given the buzz and excitement for this match, it will surely fill their bags with money.

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While Fury had thought the Ngannou match will be easy so much so that he’ll fight another bout in just two months. But after a controversial win and tough fight Fury and Usyk will be fighting next year.


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