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Nikkita Lyons Update Where's 'Faith of Lioness' Since Her Return from Injury
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Faith Jefferies, also known as Nikkita Lyons to fans, has long been seen as a major player for the future of WWE. These fans love her athleticism. However, she has been injury-prone, and that has made it difficult for her to stay on a winning streak. She has had several setbacks in her time at the WWE and is currently struggling with another one. Let us find out what is happening behind the scenes.

What happened to Nikkita Lyons?

After spending most of 2023 away from wrestling, “The Lioness of the WWE” returned to the WWE NXT brand once again. She had a Torn ACL previously. Also, after coming back, Blair Davenport’s feud was with her, which led them into an NXT episode that aired last month in December of this year. She lost her 391-day win streak to Blair on 9 January 2024.

Nikkita Lyons Update Where's 'Faith of Lioness' Since Her Return from Injury
Nikkita Lyons with a WWE Medical Official, Source: Instagram – @nikkita_wwe

Faith won her last match on December 14, 2022, against Zoey Stark. Therefore, the WWE NXT bookings for her will still have to be seen as there has been no resolution yet. According to Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Lyons got hurt yet again due to unknown reasons. She is not fit enough to participate in anything related to WWE at this time. Nonetheless, the person providing information did not give any details about what particular injury she sustained. This then keeps the fan community uninformed regarding how bad the Injury is.

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Uncertain Path of Future Star

Certainly, this most recent injury is disappointing to herself and the supporters of Nikkita Lyons. She had almost just begun picking up momentum again and showing off her skills. This added to another blow from fate. The recovery journey may take a long time and have its own set of difficulties. Therefore, a lot of obstacles will come in the way as she tries to regain her full self.


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Right now it’s not clear how long Nikkita Lyons will be out and what happens next with her career in NXT. Nonetheless, when she returns to the ring, it will be with a determination that has defined her path so far.

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Nikkita Lyons has many fans who hope everything would get better quickly as well as pray for his fast recovery. The wrestling world has eagerly anticipated her return since they want to see what she could achieve and where she can go next in wrestling.

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