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After witnessing Max Verstappen dominate the Chinese GP of the year, the 2024 Formula One is set to head to its next race, the Miami Grand Prix.

At this time, F1 is preparing for its sixth race of the season in Miami, USA, scheduled from May 3rd to May 6th.

The event will include one practice session, two sprint races, a qualifying round, and the final race on Sunday.

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The race will take place at the renowned Miami International Autodrome for the third time since 2022.

A huge number of F1 fans gather in stands in Miami to cheer for their favorite driver or team.

People choose the best view from stands at F1 races to see the cars up close, feel the excitement, and watch the drivers’ skills in action.

Ahead, we will explain where the audience can sit in the stadium to get the best view possible.

What will be the ticket price for the Miami GP? And everything related to it will be covered.

Best View From The Grandstand For The 2024 F1 Miami Grand Prix.


The Main Grandstand, positioned predictably at the start/finish line in the “North Campus” section, provides front-row seats with clear views of the pits and the start/finish.

It’s worth noting that only the top rows of the grandstand are covered. Following qualifying on Saturday, interviews typically occur right in front of the main stand.

Then, on Sunday, it offers the perfect spot to catch interviews with the top three finishers after the race from the parc ferme.

Additionally, big screens monitor the race, and numbered seating arrangements ensure convenience.

For those seeking celebrities, this spot might just be the best bet outside of the Paddock Club tickets.


The Beach Grandstands at the Miami Grand Prix, known for their prime views and vibrant atmosphere, attract passionate fans, including members of the Red Bull Racing Fan Club.

Divided into North and South sections within a stadium-like setting, they provide spectators with a front-row seat to live music performances on the Hard Rock Beach Club videoboards.

CREDITS: (oversteer48)
CREDITS: (oversteer48)

These stands offer bleacher-style seating, fostering a communal vibe that enhances the overall race weekend experience.


Located in the East Campus, the Family Grandstand offers a family-friendly atmosphere. Bear in mind that only the top rows offer shade from the Florida sun.

CREDITS: (oversteer48)
CREDITS: (oversteer48)


This stand is located on the fast south straight between turns 10 and 11, looking onto the Sweeping South Straightaway.

The seating in the Family Grandstand is bleacher-style bench seating, but offers extensive views of the cars reaching their top speeds on the sweeping South straightaway.

Ticket Price For The 2024 Miami GP

The ticket price for the Miami GP ranges from $600 to $1000, depending on the seat chosen.

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Those who book tickets will receive a notification detailing their exact seat location one week before the race.

Tickets are available on the Miami Grand Prix official website. Spectators can pay the price in four installments, depending on the ticket size.

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