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Did Ferrari Announce Their New F1 Title Sponsorship?
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Ferrari has been in Formula 1 since the sport’s founding in the 1950s, with its rich and long history. The Italian team is among the most recognizable and wealthy in the sport, with multiple championships and race victories. Ferrari has taken a major step forward with a new partnership with one of the top technological companies, by announcing a new title sponsorship with Hewlett–Packard (HP). 

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Due to its continuous popularity in Formula 1, Ferrari has been able to negotiate attractive contracts and partnerships with various top teams. The team has reached an important point with the introduction of Ferrari’s new title sponsorship with HP (Hewlett-Packard).

Did Ferrari Announce Their New F1 Title Sponsorship?
Credits: Scuderia Ferrari’s X (Twitter)

 HP has been previously involved in Formula One, by sponsoring Williams Racing for the years 2000 to 2005. It also had a contract with the team controlled by Sauber from over ten years ago.

The annual value of the contract with HP is equal to Red Bull Racing’s title sponsorship with Oracle, which is valued to be the highest sponsorship on the grid.

Due to Formula 1’s cost cap this agreement between Ferrari and HP will allow the team to pay Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion in the upcoming season, as the cost cap does not include the driver’s pay.

Who was Ferrari’s last title sponsor? 

The Italian team has been operating without a title sponsor for the past two years. Mission Winnow, serving as the title sponsor from 2018 to 2021, was removed from the role due to its association with the tobacco industry.

Ferrari’s recent changes have shown that the team is looking forward to improving its performance with the partnership with HP and the signing of Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 season.

These decisions not only secure Ferrari’s standing in Formula 1, but also open the door for the team to have great success going forward. As Ferrari continues to push its limits in terms of performance in motorsport, fans are also looking forward to witnessing these improvements reflect success on the track. 

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