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What Is Formula One’s Cooldown Room?
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Formula One is the ultimate motorsport with the quickest vehicles, the best drivers, and some of the most difficult racetracks in the world with millions of fans watching these races and enjoying the excitement of intense performances of the drivers worldwide. The Cooldown Room provides a relaxing time for the top three podium finishers to discuss and comment on the high-actioned race. 

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As soon as a race is over the top three drivers go to a special room called the Cooldown Room. This private area serves lots of important purposes as it offers the drivers a moment to relax and recover their breath after the physical and mental stress of the race.

What Is Formula One’s Cooldown Room?
Credits: Formula Gravel’s X (Twitter)

The Cooldown Room gives the drivers a short break so they can recover from the intense stress of racing in Formula One cars. This room also provides an area for the drivers to have informal discussions regarding the race. They discuss approaches, challenges they face on the track, and other parts of the competition.

The room helps make sure the drivers are ready for the podium ceremony and post-race interviews with the media.

Why does Formula One need a cooldown room?

The Qatar Grand Prix is a great example of the importance of this cooldown room, as the temperatures reach over to 60 degrees Celsius, forcing drivers to quit due to heat exhaustion during and after the race affecting each driver by it.

The cooldown area also includes extra features that help in the drivers’ recovery, which provides the drivers to sit down, with towels, cooling fans, bottles of water for hydration, and a screen that shows the highlights of the entire race.

The room also contains a table where drivers can set their helmets and store other items, the drivers are also given a Pirelli cap that is given to first, second, and third-positioned team members.

The drivers share their ideas and comments about the race and each other’s performances, which can at times end in hilarious moments.
Fans enjoy witnessing the drivers’ raw emotions and interactions in this environment. In comparison to the more formal exchanges that take place during press conferences or interviews, it offers a peek into their personalities and connections.

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