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Is Sebastian Vettel Returning to Formula 1?
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The renowned driver Sebastian Vettel who announced his retirement in 2022, admits he misses certain aspects of the competition. With his career, Vettel has won the hearts of motorsport fans all around the world with his extraordinary skill and passion for racing. The talk of his return to Formula 1 after a short break has left fans and competitors with excitement.

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Sebastian Vettel started his Formula 1 career with BMW Sauber in 2007. He won the Italian Grand Prix as the youngest winner ever at the age of  21. With Red Bull, Vettel dominated the sport from 2010 to 2013, winning four world championship titles in a row. After that, he moved to Ferrari, where he stayed until 2020.

Is Sebastian Vettel Returning to Formula 1?
Credits: Seb v Thinker’s X (Twitter)

During the years 2017 and 2018, he had intense championship races against Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes.

In the 2020 season, Vettel joined Aston Martin and declared his retirement by the end of 2022. But Vettel, 36, admits thinking about returning to the race. Vettel decided to retire from racing to spend more time with his kids. The four-time winner admits that spending a huge amount of time away from his family and traveling for sports would be a factor in taking into consideration.

The better the car, the better the team, the more exciting it is in terms of having the prospect of being successful,” Vettel says to the Radio X UK. “I’m following the sport, I see what’s going on. And it [a return] might be appealing and interesting, but it really depends on the full package because it is a big commitment as well, with all the other stuff going on outside the driving activity,” Vettel added.

Sebastian Vettel about joining Mercedes and Replacing Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton will be leaving Mercedes in 2025 to join Ferrari, leaving a seat open in the Mercedes team. There have been rumors around many drivers on the grid for the seat, Vettel has also been among them, when asked about it, he says, “I’ve had conversations with Toto Wolff, not really about the seat. We did speak about the whole situation in short as well. But I did speak to others as well because I’m still keeping in touch every now and then.”

“I have some projects and ideas together with F1. We’ll see if they will turn out or not. So I am staying in touch. I don’t know. It has to be a couple more phone calls and conversations, I guess, to really find out a little bit more. But for sure Mercedes is one of the best seats on the grid,” Vettel added.

With the possibility of Sebastian Vettel rejoining Formula 1 and possibly switching teams with Lewis Hamilton recreating the season of 2017-2018. The entire grid and fans are eagerly waiting a dramatic role reversal that is going to set an intense race on the track, with Vettel at Mercedes and Hamilton driving a Ferrari.

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