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Max Verstappen’s performance in the qualifications and practice session left no doubt about his victory in the Japanese GP.

Despite his setback and anxiety following his failure to finish the last race in Australia, Max Verstappen managed to make a comeback and secure the pole position in today’s Japanese GP.

It was pretty obvious for Red Bull and Verstappen fans to see him at the pole cause there are only a few races since 2023 where Max was not sitting at the podium.

Winning a GP also involves scoring points and claiming a significant prize pool for both the team and the driver.

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Let’s delve into Max’s statistics after the Japanese GP. How many points did he score, and how much money did he rack up from the 2024 Japanese GP?

Max Verstappen’s Points and Prize Money Earned From The 2024 Japanese GP

From the moment Max secured pole position in qualifying, everyone on the grid and in Japan knew who the winner would be, following his past race failure when his rear brakes caught fire in Melbourne, Australia, Max was on a mission for this race.

Despite a red flag at the start of the Grand Prix due to a crash between Daniel Ricciardo and Alex Albon, nothing could stop Max Verstappen from winning as he led almost the entire race.

Plus, his teammate Sergio Perez finished right behind him, making it the third time in four races that Red Bull secured the first two positions.

Max’s leading from start to finish secured him the pole position. The win brings Verstappen’s points total to 77 for the season, putting him 13 points clear of Perez, who sits on 64.

Both Red Bull drivers contribute a total of 97 constructor points to their team, placing them at the top of the constructor champions standings alongside Ferrari in second place.

Max in the Japanese GP scored 25 points as per the 1st ranks points decided by FIA and also he secured the fastest lap in 1’33.706m.

Before discussing how much money drivers win, it’s crucial to understand some basics about Formula 1. Firstly, a significant pot of money, approximately $900 million, is generated from sources like TV rights and fees paid by teams for races.

Then, this money is distributed among the teams based on their performance during the season, which has not been disclosed as of the Japanese GP. Therefore, we cannot determine how much Max earned from this particular race.

Now, concerning drivers, it’s important to note that the prize money from each race goes to the team, not directly to the drivers. What drivers personally receive depends on the contract they have with their team. They may receive bonuses for individual races, but it all depends on the terms negotiated in their contract.

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As the Formula One moves to Shanghai, China for the 5th race of the 2024 season, Verstappen stated, “It’s gonna be hectic,” as this marks the first time the Chinese GP is taking place after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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